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Well it is official we are back to Varner's Bee Farm.

 Those with questions let me know.

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Keystone Pollinator Nuc $200.00


 I have worked on this line here in Pa for about 15 years. I started with nucs from Fisher Bee Farm(my families migratory pollination bee) and have selected from those and others from all over Pa and other Northern areas. These girls are very good wintering in smaller clusters and require less feed. They also fly in lower temps so they do hit Maple in Pa nicely. And usualy do not grow beyond their stores. I rarely have one of these starve in the spring like full Itatians. Thumbnail pic is of a Keystone Nuc from 2012 2 months after being hived they are covering all 20 frames with most being brood. 

Pick up only

 Instead of requiring full payment in advance we are now taking nonrefundable deposits of $50 per nuc with balance due at pick up.

Phone number please to call for pick up.

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