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Well it is official we are back to Varner's Bee Farm.

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Winter 2013-2014 update

Posted by Jason Varner on January 19, 2014 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

  Bees being over wintered in Pa are all doing great. No loses so far. Put on 20# of Protein added candy to stimulat early brood. Over wintered nucs are doing great for those of you that ordered some. We have 5 more waiting to be reserved then we will stop taking orders for them. The Early FL Nucs are wide open as well as Pa Nucs.

Jason Varner

Winter feed.

Posted by Jason Varner on January 14, 2013 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (2)

 We had 2 days of high 40's low 50's went out the first day to wrap up the last hives and check the late nucs to see if they needed feed. There was a few I was worried about. We saved back 20 or so frames of honey for this. We put it in the house and built a nice wood fire to bring it all up to temp and we went out and yesterday and put 3 frames in the lite ones and 4 or 5 into the nreeders that got robbed hard. That said they were made late and then we had a feed spill of a few hundred gallons that started some bad robbing. The surviving breeders so far are a SKC, English Buckfast, Carn-Carpathian, Carpathian and a Hybrid 410. We have lost half of our breeders to bear and robbing but with all the survivers went through I have high hopes for their quality and rugedness. All the production hives looked better than I thought they would most are just now starting to use their stores I am figuring they will start to rear some brood in 2 weeks

Winter update

Posted by Jason Varner on December 18, 2012 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (6)

Here is a Moonbeam up date. Was out yesterday checking hives and wrapping them up. Temp was mid 40's. Moonbeams are holding nice clusters and were flying heavy collecting Ultra-Bee pollen-sub we had out in dry feeders for them. Only others with any activity were my Keystone Pollinators but was half the activity,NSSK, Carnis and Carpathians were out some but not enough to really count and the SKC were clustered real tight and were not moving much. But will say all I let strong and didn't split hard made a deep and a half of honey some up to 2.5 deeps. Flows in our area were typical if early most of the time. Aster has been my go to crop for winter since the last 3 years in a row it made almost enough that we didn't need to feed but 1 or 2 5# honey jars of syrup with a little equalizing.