Varner's Bee Farm 


Well it is official we are back to Varner's Bee Farm.

 Those with questions let me know.


Quotes Thanks for calling to tell me when my Sunkist Queens shipped. They arrived the next day in great shape. They were accepted easily. They laid in every available cell in the nucs and began laying in barely started cells. There was an egg in each one. I thought the bees might not finish the cells fast enough for the larvae to grow, but it was no problem at all. It sure was pretty to see those combs sealed and see the brood wall to wall. I saw bees light on the landing board and immediately guard bees would begin grappling them. Thought there was some robbing going on but soon realized that they were grooming the returning foragers. Not many mites on the bottom board. Most mites I did see were dented, so the bees had bitten them to death & they didn't die naturally. These are great bees for treatment free beeks, but I am looking forward to trying Moonbeams. I hear they may be even better at keeping varroa down. I do recommend you to friends. Quotes
Craig Adams
Sunkist fight mites