Varner's Bee Farm 


Well it is official we are back to Varner's Bee Farm.

 Those with questions let me know.


Varner's Bee Farm offers pollination to those that have a few trees or a small patch that needs reliable Pollination. 2-3 weeks notice need. Price varies by number, location, and length of time. Large orders can be covered with long enough notice.

Local Support

Varner's Bee Farm offers advice where it is wanted and needed. We want all who buy from us to be happy so we will try to help you learn proper beekeeping. The first thing I tell everyone is to buy The Hive and The Honeybee. Both the original writen by Dr Langstroth in 1853 and the modern version which has evolved into an all skill level "how to" and reference book. Read the first cover to cover and use the other as needed. It is my go to book for any question I have, but not all answers are in it and it is not always accurate for every application. That is when we will try to help.